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Krystal Klear

What is krystal klear?

Krystal Klear is a pool gel block that is designed to pick up algae and other unwanted particles to make your pool extra klean.

Each box gives three months of value!

The Gel Block removes unwanted particles such as Algae by binding to them and making them sink to the bottom of the pool where it can be picked up by the pool cleaner.

Krystal clear contains both a flocculant and a coagulant; two commonly used chemicals for water treatment, This is what enables our product to be so effective.

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About Us

We are manufacturers and exporters based in South Africa with 25 years of experience

To live up to your expectations we ensure that we meet certain criteria:

-Our products are of the highest quality.

We want Customers to feel happy with their purchase

-The staff are always helpful and friendly

 Your experience with us must be a pleasant one

-that our products do not harm our environment

There is only one Earth and want to keep it in a good state.


Since 1998


Krystal Klear is exported Globally

The product is shipped in cartons of 16 or 25 units

You may put your own brand name on the product


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